About You



Female Doctor

South Asian background

Ready to Explore

Career options and direction

Looking for Positivity

And fulfilment in your career

woman standing at facade of Alabama University building

Are you excited and eager for your next career challenge?  I will work with you to ensure that your next steps are successful and right for you.  

Are you are feeling drained, stressed, sad?  You are not alone.  I have been there too.  

You have worked hard to get to where you are now and it is important to recognise that.  You will have made difficult decisions and sacrifices. 

As a doctor, with relentless workloads and pressures, you can feel undervalued and burnt out.  It’s time for you to find balance.  

I will work with you to feel energised and confident.  You will make better, strategic career decisions, which resonate with you.  You will set and achieve your goals.  You will define your own success.

My coaching service is open to all female doctors, around the world, who are looking for positive, meaningful change.  I specialise in working with female doctors with South Asian backgrounds.