About Me



Experienced Doctor

Qualified GP

Specialist Careers Coach

For Female Doctors with South Asian backgrounds

Positive and Motivated

Diversified Career

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I was born and raised in London.  I am a qualified GP who has worked across the UK, around the world, in the NHS and private sector.  I have developed and led services in homeless health inclusion, social prescribing and family planning.  I graduated from Imperial College London with an MBBS and a BSc in Neuroscience and Mental Health.

During my portfolio career journey, I have felt positive and motivated but I have also felt uncertain, sad and limited. Through my experiences I have developed a deep understanding of doctors’ journeys and the decisions that we make.

As a Mum, I understand the balancing act involved in having a family and a successful, fulfilling career.  I also understand the issues female doctors face at work and in their personal lives.

I am passionate about doctors being empowered to make informed choices, achieve balance and harness their strengths.  My coaching service offers a unique perspective on being a female doctor with a South Asian background and how this intertwines with your career journey and identity as a doctor.  

I am excited to work with you: to explore your options and reach your full potential.